“Understanding Nameplates are essential to a company’s process and environment.”

Nameplates can be located on all different types of products. While some nameplates may be very simple and straight-forward, others may seem as though you are trying to “crack the code”. Here are a few of the most common information listed on a product nameplate.

Common equipment nameplates can be listed with:
Company Name and Address
Company Logo
Serial Number
Product Number
Year manufactured

Safety and Caution Nameplates can display information such as:
Load capacity
Maximum height
Crushing Hazard
Cutting Hazard
Shock Hazard
Hot Surface Hazard
High Voltage Hazard

Electrical Nameplates display information such as:
Amperage (A, Amps)
Frequency (Hz)
Voltage (V)

All of this information is essential is finding out how to the product operates, finding out more information from the original manufacturer, and/or protecting the safety of yourself and employees. Common nameplate abbreviations and language is vital for workers to rapidly understand and focus on the task at hand. With Metal Nameplates your company won’t have to worry about the content’s durability. Etched, embossed, screen printed, or engraved nameplates have the ability to withstand the harsh and strict conditions they may face out in the field. Employees and future employees will be able to read the important nameplate information for years to come.


Call us today to talk with our nameplate specialists to decide what material, finish, and/or adhesive may work best for your usage.

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