How to Design Industrial Safety Labels

Designing industrial safety labels is not a task to take lightly. The right labels can simplify actions, make people conditions safer and give workers a better idea of what to do with or around a particular object. Like common traffic symbols, specific colors, shapes and written content can make a notable difference in how people interpret a safety label, and these features can even save a life. If you need to design new industrial safety labels, consider these important elements to stay compliant and safe.

Important Elements of Safety Label Design

Any safety label design should include several key elements, including:

  • Content: Your safety and warning labels should convey exactly what a person needs to know and do to avoid getting hurt. Make sure your content is action-oriented and tells the reader precisely what will happen if they don’t follow instructions.
  • Pictures: Another factor to consider for your safety labels is the pictogram symbol you should include. This step is critical for communicating with anyone who does not read the label’s native language well. A professional pictogram will convey a severe hazard for the reader to avoid.
  • Signal word: A signal word is similar to a headline that will grab someone’s attention. A signal word such as “Warning” can communicate both the probability and severity of the hazard.
  • Durability: Finally, you should use a durable material that will stand up to the elements. Choosing squared or rounded corners that will prevent dangerous handling and opting for process that will hold up to chemicals is important depending on the industry you’re in.

Safety and Warning Labels Design Tips

As you consider how to create safety and warning labels, you’ll also need to look at the impact of color and shape. Color impacts everyday life as well as the subconscious. In the U.S., for example, red often means “stop” while green means “go.” The colors on your safety labels should be bright, bold and easily visible. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) have created a chart that shows what colors mean in the workplace to aid in creating safety label designs.

Symbols and shapes are some other essential elements of safety label design. Consider, for example, the octagonal shape of a stop sign that lets drivers know to stop. The appearance of safety labels conveys similar information. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has developed symbols that communicate information when words aren’t enough. For example, yellow triangles with exclamation points inside usually mean danger, warning or caution.

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