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Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Recognized, Listed
& Classified Labels

So you're ready to print UL Labels for your UL Certified product? The #1 mistake companies make when getting UL Labels? Not getting your labels, decals, or nameplates manufactured by a UL authorized label supplier. We here at American Nameplate go through the necessary steps to ensure that our companies are compliant with UL Certifications.

You can find us listed on UL's Online Certifications Directory:

With claims that more than 22 Billion products in 2016 now bear a UL Marking, it's clear that UL's global presence is steadily rising. This impact is benefiting consumers around the world with over 104 countries with UL customers. Read the article in our Blog for more information on the benefits to working with UL for proper certifications.

File No.  MH 14339

American Nameplate provides both UL “TYPE R” and “TYPE L” Labels.

“TYPE R” labels are UL Recognized components and are flexible in nature. These labels are furnished
with an adhesive backing.

“TYPE L” labels carry the UL Listed or Classified markings. These labels will have an issue, control, or printed or stamped serial number supplied by Underwriters.

American Nameplate is also approved to print labels and decals to the room temperature cooking oil specification.

Any questions regarding your UL marking requirements call and ask for our UL specialist.

Type ‘R’ Marks Type L Marks
Manufacturer submits a UL Mark design to the local UL Label Center.

UL reviews the UL Mark design and provides an Approval stamp if the layout is acceptable.

Manufacturer provides stamped UL Mark layout to the supplier for printing of the UL Mark.

Authorized Supplier prints Type ‘R’ UL Marks and sends them directly to the Manufacturer.

NOTE: Future orders may be placed directly to the supplier as long as the composition of the UL Mark elements does not change from the UL authorized stamped drawing.

Manufacturer sends label Purchase Order to authorized supplier and sends a copy to UL. UL requires review of the UL Mark layout for UL Marks that have not been previously ordered.

UL’s Label Center issues a UL authorization order to the supplier with the UL Mark layout, serial or issue numbers, quantity to print, and shipping instructions. A copy of the authorization is also sent to the manufacturer.

The authorized Supplier prints the UL Marks and sends them as specified by UL on the authorization order.

NOTE: Due to the changing issue/serial numbers that are controlled by UL, each order for Type “L” Marks must be authorized by a UL Label Center.

Marking: Company name and label  designation on roll core or packaging.



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