Industrial safety labels provide vital safety information and operating instructions for machines, equipment, and production materials that pose a risk to your employees. Durable, high-quality safety labels can mean the difference between safe working conditions and an elevated risk of injury or even death.

Protect your employees with custom metal safety ID labels and signs from American Nameplate.

Types of Safety Labels

Any display that warns of potential safety hazards could be considered a safety label or sign, but there are four categories of safety labels established by organizations like OSHA and NFPA. Each has intended applications to inform employees about specific levels of risk.

Warning Labels

According to OSHA standards, warning labels and signs should be used to indicate a piece of equipment, machinery, or material that may cause serious injuries or death if proper safety measures are not observed.

Danger Labels

Labels indicating danger are recognized as the most severe safety labels. These labels indicate that misuse or error in operating the labeled equipment or handling materials will very likely lead to serious injury or death.

Danger labels should be used sparingly and only be applied when extreme caution must be used to mitigate an elevated level of risk or immediate danger to employees.

Hazard Labels

Established by the NFPA, hazard labels indicate materials that are hazardous to employee health without proper safety precautions. These labels include information about what risks are posed, how the material should be handled, and if the material is reactive or flammable.

Caution Labels

Caution signs and labels should be used to indicate a risk of minor or moderate injuries when operating equipment or handling materials. Caution labels indicate a less elevated risk to your employees but are no less important for alerting them to safety concerns.

Completely Custom Safety Hazard Signs and Labels

Every business has its own unique set of safety concerns that call for custom safety signs and labels. At American Nameplate, we offer a wide array of custom metal safety decals and signs customized to meet your business’s specific needs.

We offer safety labels in every shape or size imaginable as well as a variety of metals, flexibles, and different printing and engraving methods so you can design the labels that will best serve you and your employees. Plus, there is no minimum order size. We’ll create custom labels whether you’re in need one or one hundred thousand.

Trust American Nameplate for Your Metal Safety Labels

American Nameplate has been one of the top safety label manufacturers for more than 80 years. Our goal is to make it easier for you to protect your employees in hazardous situations and keep your working environment as safe as possible.

We produce and deliver custom safety labels in 2-3 weeks. If you need them sooner, we offer an Eagle Express premium service, which will get you your labels in 6 working days for new parts, and 3 days for repeat orders.

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