Permanent Acrylic Adhesive

Request permanent acrylic adhesive for longterm bonding applications. Peel adhesion values are outstanding, and generally, increase as a function of time and temperature. It offers excellent chemical resistance. Products with greater thickness provide higher bond strength to smooth surfaces and substantially higher bonds to rough or textured surfaces. Suitable for bonding graphic nameplates and overlays to metal and high surface energy plastics (ABS, Acrylic, Polycarbonate, PVC) and glass in the aerospace, medical and industrial equipment, automotive, appliance and electronic markets.

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Product or MaterialThickness
3M-4670.002 in.
3M-4680.005 in.
3M-9471LE0.002 in.
3M-9472LE0.005 in.
3M-94690.005 in.
3M-94730.010 in.
3M-Y9660.002 in.