OEM Product Identification Nameplates

OEM stands for “original equipment manufacturer.” While this label exists in the automotive, aerospace technology, and construction fields, businesses may not understand the benefits of OEM labeling practices within their own organizations. OEM identification products keep your customers and employees safe when introduced to new equipment and tools.

OEM nameplates, labels, and decals assist in industries that require important messages such as repair, specifications, or safety / environmental warnings to be visible to those using specific products. If an equipment manufacturer neglects to print and display proper instructions on heavy equipment, for example, product users become prone to accidents and injury.

OEM Nameplate Manufacturers

OEM nameplate manufacturers team up with professionals to label equipment sold. Together, manufacturers and nameplate suppliers convey important information to users, including serial numbers, technical specifications, manufacturing locations and warnings for products. The goal of custom OEM metal nameplates and decals is to provide accurate and long-lasting information about tools, equipment, and more.

An OEM nameplate supplier like American Nameplate wants to make branding and labeling your products easier. Working alongside original equipment manufacturers, we can make pieces of equipment from industrial, electronic, agricultural, health and even exercise industries safer to use.

OEM Product Identification Labels and More

American Nameplate wants to help your business meet the compliance and safety regulations in your industry. Aside from OEM product identification labels, we specialize in providing metal nameplates, screen printed metal nameplates, flexible decals, tags, overlays, barcoded nameplates and labels, and metal fabrication services to UL, FM, Intertek, Reach, and ROHS compliance.

Working with aerospace, automotive, safety, construction, and furniture companies since 1934, we strive to be Chicago’s premier nameplate manufacturer in dozens of industries.

American Nameplate Works for You

Whether your products are exposed to extreme temperatures or chemicals, we work hard to display the information that matters. In other words, we find ways to ensure the weight limits, instructions, numbers, contact information, safety warnings, and branding stay on your product as expected.

We encourage businesses to use our Eagle Express Rush service for quick project turnaround. When you send us information about your designs and specifications, we can provide an accurate estimate for your next OEM nameplate, label or decal. Additionally, your labels are guaranteed to ship within six working days of your project’s proof approval or three working days for any repeat orders with this premium service.

By visiting our site, you can learn more about the types of nameplates, labels, and decals we provide for original equipment manufacturers:

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