Domed Nameplates

Looking to add just the slightest touch to separate your products from the competition? Make your brand shine with domed decals, nameplates and labels for all of your product identification needs. A custom dome label will draw attention due to its design and 3-D effect. American Nameplate is here to customize your domed labels for both large and small run jobs, per your request.

How Is a Domed Decal Created?

To create a domed effect, polyurethane is added in a thick coat to the surface of the design. As it sets, the coating provides a clear layer to any label or decal. A resin and catalyst are combined in a separate process to create the mixed polyurethane material that covers the nameplate entirely.


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Common Applications and Uses for Domed Labels

A domed nameplate doesn’t only draw attention to your identification label and create a stronger design for your brand. These domed labels are extremely durable — able to resist scratching, peeling and UV light exposure. The domed appearance can also be applied to a variety of shapes and sizes, from as small as a dime to a metal sheet measuring 19 inches by 58 inches.

Domed equipment labels can be used for applications in many industries and businesses areas. Add a domed identification label to surfaces such as:

  • Household appliances
  • Transportation equipment such as boats
  • Electronics
  • HVAC appliances
  • Industrial equipment
  • Passenger and commercial vehicles

Professional Domed Label Manufacturer

At American Nameplate, you can begin creating your custom domed labels by choosing either mylar or vinyl — polyester or PVC, respectively. Once you have your material selected, you can choose your other design options from there. With polyester, for example, you can add a white, clear or chrome finish to your domed nameplate. A PVC decal can be finished in a variety of colors, including black, blue, green, red, white, yellow, and silver.

If your domed identification labels are part of a numbered order, let us know, and we will add serial numbering to your decals. There is also the ability to add a preferred adhesive and include additional mechanical fasteners, such as holes or slots in your domed labels.

Request Your Quote Today

After you fill out our online form, a representative will be in touch, and you’ll receive your free design quote for your domed labels. Feel free to message us with any questions about the domed nameplate process and how we can customize your designs for your brand. Trust American Nameplate as your domed label manufacturer.

Product or MaterialAlloyThicknessFinishAdhesivesRounded CornersSerial Numbering Height
MYLARPolyester0.001 in., 0.002 in., 0.005 in.Chrome, Clear, White3M-467, 3M-468, 3M-583, 3M-9469, 3M-9471LE, 3M-9472LE, 3M-9473, 3M-Y966, Arlon/Viscor-1/16" Foam, Arlon/Viscor-1/32" Foam, Flexcon TT200, Flexcon TT403Optional0.063, 0.156, 0.186, 0.218, 0.375
BRASSPVC0.004 in.Black, Blue, Green, Red, Silver, White, Yellow3M-467, 3M-468, 3M-583, 3M-9469, 3M-9471LE, 3M-9472LE, 3M-9473, 3M-Y966, Arlon/Viscor-1/16" Foam, Arlon/Viscor-1/32" Foam, Flexcon TT200, Flexcon TT404Optional0.063, 0.156, 0.186, 0.218, 0.375