What Is Mylar and Why Is It Used for Nameplates?


Mylar is a flexible material known for its transparency, tensile strength, dimensional and chemical stability, reflectivity, gas-blocking properties and ability to resist heat. Also referred to as biaxially-oriented polyethylene terephthalate (BoPET), mylar is made of stretched polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and is a member of the polyester film family. Mylar was developed in the 1950s and […]

Different Thicknesses of Nameplates and Their Uses


When choosing a metal for making your company’s nameplates, one of the most important considerations is the material’s thickness. The metal nameplate thickness affects the finished product’s durability and the level of detail you can add to it. Generally, the thicker the material, the more rigid it will be. However, be sure to have your […]

How Embossed Nameplates Are Made

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Companies that utilize nameplates or decals for product identification and other purposes have numerous options for marking them. Embossing is one technique that offers unique marking when creating custom metal tags for your products, equipment or machinery. What Is Embossing? The embossing process involves marking a metal surface with a raised design or lettering. The […]

Benefits of Industrial Labels

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Labels such as nameplates and decals are standard items in many areas of industry. You can find them on products, equipment, machinery and more. They serve a variety of purposes, such as identifying items and ingredients and providing usage and safety instructions. Why Industrial Labeling Is Important You can find numerous reasons to use industrial […]

Choose the Best Marking for Your Nameplate

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A metal nameplate can say a lot about a business, product or individual. It can provide access to valuable information. When selecting a nameplate, though, your message isn’t the only thing to think about. You’ll also need to determine the best fit nameplate marking method. You might be surprised at the broad assortment of marking […]

Reasons You Need a Product Identification Nameplate

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Take a look at any nearby product, and you’ll probably see some form of labeling on it. A product identification nameplate is a common method for providing helpful information to customers and users. These small, permanently affixed items can also deliver a host of additional benefits for your business or organization. Why Choose Product Identification […]

All About Brass Nameplates

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Brass Nameplate Material Nameplates serve multiple industries for many reasons. If you’re looking for custom nameplates, the first feature you need to identify is the type of metal you’d like to use. Brass has a variety of attractive features that could make it a great choice for your nameplate order. Benefits of Brass Nameplate When […]

All About Stainless Steel Nameplates

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Stainless Steel Nameplate Material When you work in industries like manufacturing, food service, or transportation, you have to meet safety regulations and provide information panels for machinery. Nameplates fulfill this purpose, but it’s important to choose a material that works best for the environment it has to exist within. Stainless steel is an incredibly strong […]

All About Aluminum Nameplates

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Aluminum Nameplate Material If you’re in an industry like manufacturing or energy, you may find yourself looking for metal nameplates to label equipment or other materials. Finding the right metal is just as important as the printed message. Aluminum nameplates are versatile and may be the right fit for your industry and plate application. Benefits […]

American Nameplate Co. COVID-19 Memo.

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Dear American Nameplate Co. Customers, The governor of Illinois has declared a “shelter-in-place” for businesses in the State of Illinois. This action will not affect our normal operations as we supply many product manufacturers that are considered “Essential Business” and require our products to continue operating. We will continue to work hard to ensure that […]