Custom Nameplate Solutions for the Furniture Industry

Whether you make institutional, office or household furniture, high-quality metal labels and decals are extremely important to your brand’s success.

The right furniture tag can help make your brand recognizable, as well as help you track your products, effectively brand them and improve sales. It can even deter theft. Think of a party rental company that provides tables and chairs in addition to what the venue offers. Without a nameplate, it’s easy to accidentally mix these products up and hard to prove if someone steals your furniture.

We are a trusted furniture labels supplier that creates custom metal decals for furniture companies. We work hard to serve all our clients’ different needs and provide the right nameplate that will make your product stand out.

The Benefits of Furniture Tags 

While you may not think too much about metal decals for furniture, they should become a priority in your production process to realize these benefits and more:

  • Increase company visibility: The more people who see your brand and identify with it, the more sales you’ll make. Custom nameplate solutions for the furniture industry are the perfect finishing touch to any product. It’s a quick way for people to identify your company, and you can include contact, warranty or manufacturing information on the nameplate for your customers.
  • Improve inventory management: Clear labeling can make a huge difference in inventory management when you’re mass-producing furniture. Our metal nameplates will help you record all manufactured pieces of furniture to prevent anything from getting lost in the shuffle.
  • Deters theft or loss: As mentioned above, it’s easy to lose products either through theft or mistakes — especially if you rent furniture. In these cases, metal labels for furniture companies can make a huge difference in quickly identifying which furniture is yours.

Nameplate Solutions for the Furniture Industry 

When you need a custom nameplate solution, American Nameplate is here to help your business succeed. We’ve been one of Chicago’s best nameplate manufacturers since 1934. We understand every industry is unique, and we work with you to fulfill your project requirements according to your specifications.

If you need to adhere to certain regulations, we make sure you meet or exceed the standards while benefiting from a high-quality furniture label that won’t wear down. Whether you need an etched metal nameplateflexible decals or bar-coded nameplates and labels, we can produce the right product for you.


Recommended Types of Nameplates for Furniture 

When it comes to selecting the right furniture tags for your company, American Nameplate offers several options. With varying features and capabilities, our selection helps you find the right furniture labels for your needs: 

  • Etched Metal Nameplates: Etched Metal furniture tags are great for customization. You can select from various features to ensure the final product meets your design and brand standards. Depending on your design, your tag can resist rust, scratches and moisture. An epoxy finish can preserve your colors for lasting results. 
  • Photo Seal Nameplates: This furniture label uses ink and a chemical seal to transfer text and images into metal surfaces. Because it works ink into the inner surface rather than the top, you have a more durable tag that can resist scratches, rust and sun exposure. 
  • Pressure Sensitive Nameplates: Pressure Sensitive tags are similar to stickers, but with higher quality. They only require pressure to adhere to their surface, making them more flexible in placement and powerful branding tools. 
  • Screen Printed Nameplates: If you want to show off graphics or colorful images, consider a Screen Printed label. We will print your design onto a mesh material and seal it with a coating. This finish will also help protect your final product, so you can use them outdoors or in harsher conditions. Like many other nameplates, you can customize the metal, finish, adhesive and other design elements. 
  • Domed Nameplates: Domed Nameplates are unique designs that can help boost your brand recognition and product competitiveness. While we value appearance, you can expect the best quality with Domed labels — it’ll be scratch and peeling resistant with protection from sun exposure, making them great for outdoor furniture.  
  • Embossed Nameplates: Embossed labels are great for identifications and informative tags, but their flexibility lets furniture companies use them for branding and manufacturer information. Pressure causes the metal to raise, creating dynamic words and images that last longer than powder coating and paint solutions. Additionally, you have a diverse selection of customized features to create a tag that meets all desired aesthetic and functional requirements. 
  • Engraved Nameplates: For furniture companies looking for increased material selections, look at the Engraved tags. You can choose from nine materials, including an array of metals and plastic. These options allow you to create a furniture tag with your desired durability with a two-toned plate for a unique visual effect. 
  • Digitally Printed Nameplates: If you have a more complex design or color scheme, our Digitally Printed furniture labels are ideal. You can create more intricate images or include color gradients on your tags, helping maintain your branding standards and consistency. They are also great for QR codes and barcodes if you need to store or display products. With these custom furniture labels, you have the flexibility to choose your adhesive material, corner shape and if it has holes. 

Contact American Nameplate Today 

Find furniture industry nameplates for your products today. American Nameplate has one of the fastest turnaround times in the industry at two to three weeks. We also offer overtime options available for six working days after the proof is approved and three days on repeat orders.

If you’re not exactly sure what type of furniture labels you need, we’re happy to work with you to find the product that would complete your furniture. Request a free quote today or contact our customer service team with any questions you might have about nameplate solutions for the furniture industry.

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