Labeling for vehicles is one of the most crucial, and underrated parts, of the manufacturing process.

It’s multifaceted, as nameplates and logos contribute to both branding and component identification. Everyone notices the metal decals on a vehicle’s front and back, and technicians rely on clear labeling for a variety of reasons. When you need appropriate identification, you’ll require the best manufacturing service around, which you’ll find with American Nameplate.

Benefits of Custom Car Nameplates

It’s not a common thought, but identification methods are found throughout the vehicle in numerous forms. Branding is critical for any company to stand out from the competition and increase the value of their vehicles, and you need decals and badges that withstand the outdoor elements while remaining vibrant for years to come.

More importantly, cars must meet or exceed several regulations at the state and federal levels. Labels play a significant role in fulfilling those obligations, as they display model information, give serial codes, outline necessary safety precautions for certain parts, identify particular parts and more. When you clearly describe all this information, it will make it easier for mechanics, inspectors and other people to quickly reference the car’s information while remaining accurate.

Automotive industry nameplates also give records to companies and contractors, who can reference them during resells and accidents. They’re even useful for simplifying the complex supply chain and reducing the likelihood of misplacing or losing parts.

These same decals, labels, and tags are also applicable to a factory’s automotive assembly equipment, which usually carries its own set of regulations and branding requirements.

Why Choose American Nameplate for Your Automotive Nameplates?

You deserve the best of the best when seeking out metal labels for cars and related equipment. American Nameplate has existed since 1934, and we serve the Chicago area as a premier nameplate manufacturer for dozens of different companies and contractors.

While we do focus on small- to medium-sized production runs, we can adequately supply at any rate for our clients. When you choose us, you will benefit from several different services, including etched metal nameplates, screen-printed nameplates, tags and overlays, barcoded nameplates and labels, flexible decals, metal fabrication, and other specialty products. Our capabilities expand into top-tier levels due to a variety of special-sized tooling options, which are useful for a range of different runs.

We believe in serving you as best we can, and that includes analysis of your requirements and adaptation to meet or exceed your industry mandates.

We also prioritize your security. With that in mind, you can request brokers to directly ship an order without American Nameplate’s branding information, documents and packaging.

Recommended Nameplates for the Automotive Industry

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