Before ordering a Nameplate – Here are some things to consider…

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There are many different aspects to consider before buying a nameplate, decal, graphic overlay, dial, or label for your company. First, consider its main and primary function. Will this be used for product identification, safety, serial numbering, or just branding purposes? Determining the use can help narrow down the process which works best for you and your company. For […]

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Important Nameplate information and data

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 “Understanding Nameplates are essential to a company’s process and environment.” Nameplates can be located on all different types of products. While some nameplates may be very simple and straight-forward, others may seem as though you are trying to “crack the code”. Here are a few of the most common information listed on a product nameplate. […]

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Various adhesive options for Nameplates

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American Nameplate stocks many different types of adhesive backings for your nameplates to ensure the proper bond. Picking the right adhesive is crucial in ensuring that the application is successful post-production in the field. Despite their similar properties, not all adhesive products are the same. Depending on the surface material (plastics or metals), temperature ranges, the rigidity of […]

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Benefits of an Etched Nameplate


Having a Metal Nameplate can benefit your company in numerous ways. Not only does it provide stylish and attractive branding, it’s also a great investment! Your custom artwork is deeply etched into the metal of your choice. Typically etched into Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Brass, Bronze, Monel, Nickel Silver, CRS, or Zinc, we are capable of […]

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Custom House Nameplate Company – Chicago, IL

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American Nameplate is a custom house shop located in Chicago, Illinois USA. We are flexible to adhere to your exact specifications and unique designs for your parts. Tell us about your specific needs and our staff, who are experts in the product identification field, can tailor your nameplate exactly how it requires to be. We […]

What is a Nameplate?


You may be thinking, ‘What is a nameplate?’. The industrial term Metal Nameplate spreads across the manufacturing industry as a whole in various formats. What one company might consider to be a ‘Nameplate’ part differs from product to product and industry to industry. Your specific industry might refer to a common nameplate part as: Hanging Tags Graphic […]

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