American Nameplate is a custom house shop located in Chicago, Illinois USA.

We are flexible to adhere to your exact specifications and unique designs for your parts. Tell us about your specific needs and our staff, who are experts in the product identification field, can tailor your nameplate exactly how it requires to be. We have major success in the branding field providing unique logos and catching the eyes of consumers to help products fly off the shelves. Whether your need label or metal nameplate, we can help find the best fit for your usage.

Maybe you need a unique shape or perhaps need to meet tolerances that are very strict and tight? Not a problem with American Nameplate as your supplier we can capable of finding the best method to die cut, waterjet cut, or fabricate your part to fit your needs. Display your logo, company name, website, serial number, model number, or manufacturing date directly on the product itself.

Since 1934, American Nameplate has been manufacturing custom nameplates in-house to ensure our customer’s product is identified correctly and proudly. Contact our highly trained sales team today! 1-800-878-6186 or email your blueprints to:

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