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Reasons You Need a Product Identification Nameplate

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Take a look at any nearby product, and you’ll probably see some form of labeling on it. A product identification nameplate is a common method for providing helpful information to customers and users. These small, permanently affixed items can also deliver a host of additional benefits for your business or organization.

Why Choose Product Identification Labels?

Consider a few of the many reasons to use product identification labels in your manufacturing processes.

1. Making a Favorable First Impression

The initial impression that potential customers get when looking at your products often determines whether they will purchase or use it. A visually appealing product identification nameplate can introduce the item to a prospective buyer in a positive light. Likewise, an inappropriate labeling choice can convey the wrong message and cause customers to move on.

2. Promoting Brand Awareness

Another purpose of identification nameplates is to make your business more recognizable and create awareness over time. Many of the most well-known and successful businesses have eye-catching logos that make them stand out. The right nameplate gives you another avenue to display your logo, helping you build a stronger brand image.

3. Establishing Credibility

Brand awareness and credibility go hand-in-hand. The more people see your products and your company’s logo on an attached nameplate, the more familiar they’ll become with your business’s name. Frequent exposure to your nameplate builds trust and makes customers choose your products over those of your competitors.

4. Educating Buyers

Nameplates and labels are often the first places potential customers look when evaluating a product for the first time. Specifically, they check to see if you’ve provided instructions for using the products safely. In some cases, not listing this information could violate safety regulations and make you and your company a target of lawsuits.

5. Launching New Products

The credibility that nameplates help to build also applies when you make additions to your product lines. Customers sometimes view new items with skepticism, especially if they are unique or unusual. Because nameplates assist in building brand familiarity and trust, buyers will be more receptive to your latest offerings if they feature a familiar label. They’ll have more confidence in their quality and value.

6. Protecting Against Theft

Theft deterrence is another of the many benefits of product identification nameplates. A permanently affixed nameplate that contains easily traceable tracking information will make would-be thieves think twice about stealing your items.

Learn More About the Advantages of Product Identification Nameplates

American Nameplate has been providing high-quality product identification solutions since 1934. We can create custom nameplates, labels or decals that convey crucial information like weight limits, serial numbers and user instructions that assist your product identification efforts. We specialize in small-to-medium-sized runs for a wide assortment of industries, including automotive, aerospace, safety and many others.

Contact us today for more information about the numerous benefits of product identification nameplates. You can also give us a call at 800-878-6186 or reach out online to request a quote.