There are many different aspects to consider before buying a nameplate, decal, graphic overlay, dial, or label for your company.

First, consider its main and primary function. Will this be used for product identification, safety, serial numbering, or just branding purposes?

Determining the use can help narrow down the process which works best for you and your company. For example, if you’re looking to have your brand “stand out” above the rest, embossing is a great way to create a lasting 3D impression. Keep in mind that embossing a nameplate can have its drawbacks for its impeccable style. Some of these draw backs will be highlighted later in our blog, but one main concern is the cost produce a male and female die set special for your 1 of a kind nameplate. Perhaps you’re looking for a nameplate that’s main focus is safety or legibility? This type of nameplate may be better suited for an Etched process. Etched nameplates can hinder fading or illegibility over generations of use.  Looking for a more economical route with a bit more color? Check out our Screened nameplates as an alternative.

Second, consider is how the nameplate/label will be handled?

This is essential in determining if any corner fabrication is needed. For example, is the nameplate being handled daily by workers? In these cases, rounded corners are often preferred. We here at American Nameplate have various corner radius sizes to fit your needs including scalloped, squared, rounded, and if a specific size/shape is needed for your design, our specialists can always quote a specific tool for the job at a premium cost.

Lastly, Where and how will the nameplate/label be displayed?

We offer multiple fabrication options such as holes and a variety of adhesives. Concluding the final placement of your nameplate is imperative to configuring location and size of holes in order to mount your nameplate with screws/fasteners. If you don’t have a need for holes, we stock various types of adhesives that may work best for your product and surface. Different finishes such as: paints, bare metals, power-coats, wood, heated surfaces, and etc can affect the way your adhesives bonds to the surface.

Our specialists can help you determine which nameplate will best fit your needs based on quantity, purpose, needs, handling, and surface material. Call our office today to speak directly with a member of our sales team!

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