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What is Chemical Etching?

Similar to an engraving process, American Nameplate can offer the unique process of Chemical Etching for your parts. While engraving is usually produced manually one piece at a time, Chemical Etching has the benefit to produce large-run quantity nameplates and generate the permanent impression needed for your parts. Our etch depth typically ranges between .003” to .007” deep, depending on customer requirements. Customers have a few options to choose from. The first option is either Etch the copy into the metal and fill it with a color or to etch the copy and leave its natural color. Another option is to Etch the background, which results in a slightly raised and bumped-up copy/logo. Customers again have the option to fill in the etched background with a color for a specific contrast or leave it natural for a subtle hoe nameplate

Chemical Etching Benefits

There are many benefits to getting an etched metal nameplate. This type of nameplate process can be done on various materials including (but not limited to): aluminum, stainless steel, brass, bronze, nickel silver, CRS, Monel, and Zinc.

Secondly, while it is similar to engraving, etching can be done to many pieces simultaneously and sheered to size. This is important when comparing the cost and turnaround time with a manual engraving machine.

Another added benefit of Chemical Etching is the permanently etched impressions built to last the lifetime of the nameplate. We recommend Chemical Etched parts to companies that need a permanent marking and may be exposed to harsh environments. Companies will rest easy knowing that their parts will always be identifiable when needed. While their natural environments may eat away at the surface, paint, or ink, rest assured that the etched copy or background is a permanent marking that will always remain.

Contact our sales team to speak to a specialist about what nameplate process is best for your company and product. Call us at 800-878-6186 or email us a blueprint at: 

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