Labels such as nameplates and decals are standard items in many areas of industry. You can find them on products, equipment, machinery and more. They serve a variety of purposes, such as identifying items and ingredients and providing usage and safety instructions.

Why Industrial Labeling Is Important

You can find numerous reasons to use industrial labels in your business or manufacturing operations. Here are a few of the top benefits.

1. Enhanced Organization

A factory floor or warehouse is often a cluttered environment, making it hard to find products, tools and other items quickly. Labeling improves organization by identifying and marking shelving and other storage areas. Your workers will spend less time looking for what they need, increasing their productivity.

2. Compliance

One of the most important benefits of industrial labels is helping you achieve regulatory compliance. These days, businesses and organizations must adhere to stringent OSHA regulations when creating and maintaining a safe work environment. For example, if you manufacture or use hazardous chemicals or other materials, you must mark the containers to alert workers of the potential dangers. Labels help you accomplish this objective and stay compliant.

3. Deterring Theft

Does your business utilize small, expensive tools or electronics? Preventing the theft of these valuable items is another advantage of industrial identification labels. They enable you to permanently mark these objects and identify your company as their owner. Thieves will think twice about stealing them from your facility or attempting to sell them for a quick profit.

4. Training New Employees

Labels in the form of signs can be extremely beneficial when onboarding and training new hires. They can provide essential company information, like directions that help workers navigate the facility more easily. By helping to speed up the orientation and acclimation process, labels enable these workers to become productive team members faster.

5. Quality Control

Labels add value to the quality control process in a manufacturing environment. The ability to scan barcodes, for instance, can reduce data entry errors, ensuring more accurate product information. Labels also increase traceability, resulting in fewer lost or missing products.

6. Customer Satisfaction

Does your company manufacture sophisticated or complex products? Labels can provide instructions to help your customers use the items more easily and safely. You can also offer care and maintenance guidelines to ensure owners get the maximum benefit and a longer product lifespan.

7. Product Recalls

Manufacturing defects can happen from time to time, even when you implement the most stringent quality control protocols. Labels that include batch, lot or serial numbers will make any damaged items easier to trace and identify. You can get the damaged goods out of circulation faster and avoid the cost and waste of recalling defect-free products.

8. Brand Awareness

Want to bring awareness to your company’s new product line? Etch, screen print, or engrave a company logo, informational directions, or product information on your nameplate for quick reference. This can build your company’s manufacturing reputation, grain consumer recognition and even identity your trade marks.

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