Popular Shapes for Nameplates

A nameplate’s shape is an essential consideration in the design process. A specific shape can help with brand identification or communicate a warning or other message. Instead of getting stuck in your branding efforts, looking at popular nameplate shapes and considering which work best with your specific nameplates can help you pinpoint the perfect design for your industry and uses. Here are some tips for choosing the right nameplate shape.

Common Nameplate Shapes

If you can’t decide which shape would work best for your nameplate, sometimes a simple design can solidify your brand. Some popular nameplate shapes include:

  • Rectangles
  • Squares
  • Ovals
  • Circles

Use your product design to determine which configuration works best for you. Then you can play around with different logos, taglines and graphics to figure out which shape looks best with each element. If you use one of the popular nameplate shapes listed above, keep in mind that you will also need to choose a specific size large enough to include multiple elements of your branding.

What Shapes Work Best With Nameplates?

Your nameplate shape matters. It allows you to display your branding, maintain within a particular budget, and stay compliant with particular military specifications if this applies to your blueprint. However, no one shape works best for a nameplate. You have unlimited options, and you don’t need to feel trapped into choosing the most common ones. You can design an emblem to fit a unique shape or use a combination shape to stand out from the crowd.

A unique shape can draw attention to your brand — away from the competition. A custom shape, may help your design resemble your logo or perhaps you need to blank out specific holes for a fitting purpose. However; keep in mind when designing a special shape, your custom tool may need to be manufactured in order to blank out your custom-designed parts. While we do have many stock tools in house, a custom tool can be quite costly. Ask us for a tooling quote with your project for larger runs or even consider water jet pricing for smaller quantities.

Tips for Choosing Nameplate Shape

Instead of automatically opting for a rectangular nameplate, take a look at what your company does and how you can create a nameplate that represents your core products.

Another key tip for choosing nameplate shape is to pick the right material. If you need a nameplate for outdoor uses, you should use a weather-resistant material that will hold up and retain whatever shape you choose.

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Whenever you need a custom nameplate, American Nameplate is here for you. We work hard to find the shape that works best for your business, and we have one of the fastest turnaround times in the nameplate industry. Contact us today to learn more tips for choosing a nameplate shape so that we can help you improve your branding.

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